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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2021/07/11 11:30:51

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    Please read "READ ME!!!.txt" TYPE A is a small hotel room in concept 'WAVE'. There is a restroom on the left side of the hallway starting from the entrance, and a main room in front of it. Due to the indirect lighting on the ceiling, you can see the subtle wave light. The vertical louver partition across the main room and corridor separates the corridor from the main space while blocking the view of the main room and corridor. We have two shelves on the left wall of the main room where you can display your personal items. The left and right sides of the main room are decorated with marble structures to express a luxurious atmosphere. The toilet has a towel rack in the form of a ladder and a mirror.// TYPE B is a hotel corridor in concept 'WAVE'. There are four E/Vs in the center, which can be distinguished by the number of walls. There is a subtle light leaking out between the number-shaped structures and wooden boards. I left a big window open in the front and back of the main corridor, giving him a sense of openness. We also placed repeated structures on the outside and installed confidential information that gives us the illusion that this building is in a high position.

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