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    Buildings 3D model[19 kinds] With .blend changeble floors

    Published from : 2023/06/24 23:19:31

    Product Details

    3DCG models of buildings. They are highly polygonal model where parts such as windows are sculpted with polygons, not textures, to produce line drawings. It contains .fbx files for 19 different types of buildings, from simple to complex, as well as .blend files containing them all. It is mainly intended for use with ClipStudioPaint or FreeStyle (blender's line drawing function) to draw line drawings for manga backgrounds. White model (.fbx file 19 types)  White materials are applied to the windows and walls so that the colors do not interfere with the line drawing output. When using this material for 3DCG, please apply the material of your choice to the windows and walls. Floor changeble models included (.blend file) The .blend file includes models of buildings with variable number of floors using an array modifier (*Some models do not have this function due to manufacturing method issues). Variable width and depth models available(.blend file)  Some buildings with mirror modifiers can be changed in width and depth by moving the origin (with limits). FreeStyle is already set(.blend file)  The .blend file has the "FreeStyle" function set to produce line drawings in Blender, so line drawings can be output simply by pressing F12. ---------------------------------------- UVs are already expanded (using "Smart UV Expansion") and colored by shader values without textures. Different materials are used for the walls and windows, so you can apply your own materials to them if you want to place them in unity, etc. *The bottom, inside, and other parts that cannot be seen are not built in. Data Format .fbx data can be used with blender, unity, ClipStudioPaint, etc. .blend file If you have blender, you can change the number of floors and layout of the buildings.

    Terms of Use

    [Forbidden] It is prohibited to make it available to anyone other than the purchaser (e.g. uploading it to VRChat as a public avatar). You are free to modify it, but redistribution of the modified version is prohibited. [Permitted] To use this 3D model to create manga or movie or game, or to live-stream. To earn income by doing so.