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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2023/06/30 11:05:43

    Product Details

    This is a large GACHA capsule interior designed for installation in the VRC World. Items and avatar pedestals can be placed inside the capsule for decoration and display. There are two versions: a standard high-poly version and a light version with reduced poly. We recommend using the Light version for small items and items. The data is Prefab-ed. Please find the CapsulePrefab folder in the assets folder and place the data in the world from there. We have prepared 4 types of prefabs, one with a fixed capsule top lid and another with a capsule that is operated by VRC pickup. The one with a fixed capsule has a small box collider at the bottom. The one with a movable top capsule has a capsule collider on the top in addition. If you have any problem in using the capsule, please change the collider as needed. Model Data The downloaded data is provided in zip file format. The model data is in unitpackage format, so please import and use it.

    Terms of Use

    You can freely use it for installation in the world, avatars, etc. Commercial use You are allowed to sell the regular version of the data in the form of incorporating it into a world of your own creation. Prohibited items Redistribution or resale of this model data alone is prohibited.