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    Hotel Suite Room 【VRChat World】

    Published from : 2021/07/29 14:06:39

    Product Details

    🌃 "Welcome to our hotel. We have confirmed your reservation for the top floor suite. We have also arranged for you to have direct access to the Ferris wheel. Tonight, the view and the city are all yours." This world is for sale for the PC version of VRChat. Spend a luxurious time in a living room with a chandelier, a large and soothing bed, a glittering bathroom, an illuminated Ferris wheel and the night view of the city. If you feel like going out on the town, you can jump out of your room and ride the Ferris wheel. You can also board the airship. 【Demo World】 You can preview the world from this URL. Please take a look with VRChat. 🌐 Demo world : https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_a8a008f9-6f5f-4951-af07-520b0319738b 【English Instruction Manual】 You can download English manual here. 📘 manual : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LHaxCpigrn-8mOhnbPZju6VR9GXrb6w0/view?usp=sharing 【Contents : The whole hotel and city models】 I have prepared many things to represent the city hotel, the night view, and the city experience. Hotel interior, Udon gimmicks, Shader for city lights, models of entire city, a Ferris wheel, music made for this hotel, etc. are all included.

    Terms of Use

    The Japanese version of the Terms of Use will take precedence over the English version. Article1 This product can be used for the following purposes. ● Use as private worlds for VRChat. ● Use as materials for media creation, such as video recording. “A private world” means a world that is set up so that only the person who uploaded the world to VRChat can create its instances. Article2 The following is prohibited. ● Uploading to the VRChat Community Lab ● Redistribution except as permitted in Article 3. Article3 Notwithstanding Article2, you may upload a world that contains a part of this product to the VRChat Community Lab if the following conditions are met. Condition: You can upload your world to the Community Lab if the 3D model data “HotelRoom.fbx” is not included. This means that only the floor, walls, ceiling, and bathtub of the hotel room cannot be made public, while other assets can be made public. For example, Ferris wheels, buildings, furniture (e.g., beds), and accessories (e.g., teddy bears) can be used in public worlds. However, you cannot redistribute this product outside of VRChat.