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    Original 3D model for VRChat "Sharicat"

    Published from : 2023/06/25 11:43:05

    Product Details

    【Description of item】 ・Sushi-like cat avatar ・Performance Rank Excellent!! * Confirmed as of May 2023 ・ 5 textures for changing clothes (tuna, big toro, squid, salmon, grilled salmon) ・7 facial expression shape keys ・5 types of lip sync ・ 2 types of FBX (normal and modified) *For normal use, the mesh of the main body and clothes is integrated, and the Performance Rank is Excellent on PC and Quest. For modifications, the mesh for the body and clothes is separated, and the Performance Rank goes down to Good for PC and Medium for Quest. ・VRM file that can be used in cluster etc. is included ・We use liltoon for the shader for PC. Please import in advance. https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 ・We use Toon Lit as shader for Quest and MToon as shader for VRM. It looks different from the one for PC because there is no contour line. ・We don't set swinging objects for Quest. [Number of polygons] △7224 【Contents】 ・Unity package ・readme ・ Textures (1 PSD, 5 PNGs for changing clothes, 1 PNG for masking outlines) ・ FBX (normal: syari_cat_1.0, modified: syari_cat_1.0_custom) ・VRM file 【Change log】 Released May 28, 2023

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