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    Original 3D model『Iris 』

    Published from : 2024/03/31 21:41:57

    Product Details

    ◆◆Overview◆◆ This is a 3D avatar intended for use with VRChat It is intended for use in the PC version. ◆◆Model information◆◆ ・Humanoid avatar ・Polygon count: 67666 ・Number of meshes: 13 ・Number of materials: 6 ・Number of textures: 8 ・Poor judgment on VRchat ・Lip-sync support  ・Eye tracking supported ・Full tracking confirmed (behavior varies by individual) ・PhysBone settings have been made. ・Supports facial expression change when the head is touched and ContactReceiver. ・Number of shape keys  ◆Faces 56   Lip Sync 15   For creating facial expressions 41  ◆Body 5  ◆Costume 5    ◆◆Contents◆◆ ・UnityPackage ・UnityPackage ・Model data FBX  (Model data FBX (with body model) ・Texture PNG ・PSD for modification ・PSD for modification - Image for thumbnail ◆◆◆Introduction ①Install Unity 2022.3.6f1. ②Download VCC from VRChat official website.  Start VCC and create a new project by clicking Project→NEW→Avatar.  Create a new project ③Import the included "lilToon_1.7.2" into your Unity project.  Import the included "lilToon_1.7.2" into your Unity project.  If you want to use the latest shaders, download them from the following links  lilToon  https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 ④Import Iris.unitypackage of the avatar. ⑤ Drag and drop Iris (prefab) in the Assets folder to the Hierarchy ⑥Upload avatar to VRChat as "Private Uploading avatars as "Private" to VRChat may result in avatars being copied. If you have uploaded your avatar as "Public Unity's VRChat SDK => Show Control Panel =>  Manager Uploaded Content to Private. ◆◆Update History◆◆ March 28, 2024 Public

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    By purchasing this data, you agree to the Terms of Use. Please check before purchasing. Japanese - Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZvJWnN1SOCkMqMK0wxsd6OXm4qCywM4_/view?usp=sharing English - Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_dfRVWBpDu2p-zgTVssYr_83UlbP9y60/view?usp=sharing Korea - Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EtX7MgSSkW2hO0TZJRYp8yLEEYUg2kD-/view?usp=sharing Chinese - Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xL48UC_3_R9RdGapKkrHv_QsgHAjDHIC/view?usp=sharing