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    [VRChat Assumed Avatar] Spining Sushi - ASTRAY - [VRM]

    Published from : 2023/06/12 11:00:55

    Product Details

    Save with other products until 7/29! https://store.vket.com/ja/items/7445 3D model created by blender. Previous work is here: https://rituk.booth.pm/items/4363215 World to try on: https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_cbf14ad2-04da-4191-9e7e-0b84a92d87a2 Introduction video: https://youtube.com/shorts/CCsM-j0qVDc UnityPackage for VRChat is attached. It is supported by Quest, so you can use it as it is by the prescribed upload method. The game is available both with and without plates as in the previous game. Please use whichever you prefer. Only the VRM version without the dish is included. The rotation gimmick and the gimmick for changing the story are not implemented. Also, due to shader reasons, the appearance has been adjusted slightly. This version can be used with Cluster, Virtualcast, and other VRM-enabled services. The gimmick has been modified for ease of use, so feel free to use it in any way you like, including adding your own material. Also, since the sushi rice and plates are shared with the previous version, you can create your own original set if you have the knowledge of modification. It is possible to change items and rotate sushi from the Ex menu. Please contact me if you have any questions. I learned while making this that some people call sushi other than seafood "land sushi". To be honest, I don't care what they call it, but I like it a lot. I like Inari-san a lot. The meat dishes at conveyor-belt sushi restaurants are also tasty, and I eat a lot of ribs. If you think about it, inari-san and tamago are both standard items in sushi, so land sushi is not at all a bad thing, nor is it a newcomer. Eggplant is also common. Hamburger steak sushi is also a newcomer to the sushi scene. But I was surprised at the "Blueberry Cream Sushi". What the heck is that? I don't understand why it's not bad.

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    Terms of Use Commercial use is permitted. R-18 and R-18G expressions are allowed. If it is possible. You can use it in Youtube distribution, etc. Redistribution is not allowed. Modification is not a problem. Credit notation Notation is optional, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could write it somewhere.