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    Kelbel Ro

    Published from : 2022/11/07 13:52:53

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    This 3D model data is intended for use with VRC and VRM compatible content. Please import VRCSDK3 and UnityChanToonShader Ver.2.0.7 in a new project before importing UnityPackage. ◆Twitter hashtags twitter hashtag "#けるべるろー" for announcements of updates, etc. For users' screencasts "#ABN_Avatar". We are regularly visiting the site. We will be glad to find your posts. Details ◆Specifications Height 110cm (not including ears) PC version VRCSDK3 compatible Lip-sync and eye tracking supported Number of materials: 5 Number of triangular polygons: 33673 Performance rank: Poor UnityChanToonShader Ver. 2.0.7 is used. Body is available (with costume anti-penetration shape key). The anti-penetration shape key for the shoulders is enabled by default, so please change it back if necessary when changing the costume. QUEST Version VRCSDK3 support Lip-sync and eye tracking support Number of materials: 1 Number of triangular polygons: 19974/1999999 Performance rank: Poor Prefab is divided by mechanical arms. Contents UnityPackage for VRC *Textures and FBX are included in the package. UV placement table UnityPackage for VRM editing VRM export data (normal arm, giant arm, giant arm VSeeFace version) VRM export data is divided into separate files for each arm type. Also, when using VSeeFace + Leapmotion, please use the dedicated file. (The behavior of the thumb is different.)

    Terms of Use

    In order to use this model, you must agree to the following Terms of Use. By purchasing this model, you agree to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are subject to change without notice. Your continued use of the Model after any such modification shall constitute your acceptance of the modified Terms of Use. Scope of Use The purchaser of this model may use it for the following purposes for both commercial and non-commercial use only for personal use. Uploading the model to avatar services such as VRchat and using it as an avatar Use as part of the production of contents such as videos and games. Use as avatars on video distribution sites, etc. Posting images and videos of the above use on SNS. When you use them as avatars for videos, games, or distribution, please indicate the following credits. "Kelbel Ro" 3D model created by tori-sou-sui Please contact the creator (tori-sou-sui) separately regarding the use of this model by corporations. ◆Modification The purchaser of this model may alter the purchased data and use the altered data only for personal use. The same shall apply when porting a part of the data of this model to another model. *When requesting a third party to modify the data, both the requesting party and the worker must purchase this model. ◆Prohibited items The use of this model for political, religious, or slanderous purposes is prohibited. Redistribution of the Model or any part of the Model, whether modified or not, commercial or non-commercial, is prohibited. Uploading this data in a form that can be used by anyone other than the purchaser, such as public uploading in VRchat or setting up a pedestal, is prohibited. (3) The act of impersonating the creator of this model is prohibited. (In the case of a modified model, please clearly state that it is a modification of this model.) R18/R18G expression using this model is prohibited. ◆Disclaimer The creator (tori-sou-sui) is not responsible for any problems, damages, or issues caused by the use of this model data or the user's actions.