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    Artificial Dragonoid Soldier:TYPE04

    Published from : 2022/11/07 09:25:17

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    The contents are the same as the "luxury edition" sold at BOOTH. This 3D model data is designed for use with VRC. Please import VRCSDK3 and liltoon in a new project before importing UnityPackage. ◆Twitter hashtags Twitter hashtag for announcements of updates, etc. "#四式亜竜兵". For users' screencasts "#ABN_Avatar". We are regularly making the rounds. We will be glad to find your posts. Details VRCSDK3 support Lip-sync and eye tracking support Supported shaders: liltoon Number of materials: 5 Number of triangulated polygons: 43164 Rank: Medium Body: Available (with shape key to prevent costume penetration) PhysBones compatible parts Breast cloth, skirt, and tail Contents Body data Unitpackcage for VRC installation Manual Sub-color data for luxury version Unititypackcage for sub-colors UV layout data (PNG, PSD)

    Terms of Use

    (In the event of any discrepancy in interpretation between the English and Japanese versions during translation, the Japanese version will be followed.) You must agree to the following terms of use before using this model. By purchasing this model, you agree to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are subject to change without notice. Your continued use of the Model after any such change shall constitute your acceptance of the modified Terms of Use. Scope of Use The purchaser of this model may use it for the following purposes for both commercial and non-commercial use only for personal use. Uploading the model to avatar services such as VRchat and using it as an avatar Use as part of the production of contents such as videos and games. Use as avatars on video distribution sites, etc. Posting images and videos of the above use on SNS. When using the avatars in videos, games, or as avatars for distribution, etc., please indicate the following credits. The 3D model of the "Artificial Dragonoid Soldier:TYPE04" was produced by tori-sou-sui. For corporate use of this model, please contact the creator (tori-sou-sui) separately. ◆Modification The purchaser of this model can modify the purchased data and use the modified data only for personal use. The same shall apply when porting a part of the data of this model to another model. *When requesting a third party to modify the data, both the requesting party and the worker must purchase this model. ◆Prohibited items The use of this model for political, religious, or slanderous purposes is prohibited. Redistribution of the Model or any part thereof is prohibited. (Regardless of whether it is modified or not, commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited.) Uploading this data in a form that can be used by anyone other than the purchaser, such as public uploading in VRchat, installation of pedestals, etc., is prohibited. (2) The act of impersonating the creator of this model is prohibited. (In the case of a modified model, please clearly state that it is a modification of this model.) Violence and sexual expressions are not prohibited, but please use them after appropriate zoning, keeping in mind other users of the model. ◆Disclaimer The creator (tori-sou-sui) assumes no responsibility for any problems, damages, or issues that may occur as a result of the use of this model data or the user's actions. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)