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    [Free] Avatar for VRChat "Japanese food robot Hiruzen"

    Published from : 2021/11/21 17:43:02

    Product Details

    【Product name】 [Free] Avatar for VRChat "Japanese food robot Hiruzen" 【Description of item】 "It is a robot that can be replaced with your favorite avatar (fullbody tracking compatible)." The main gimmicks are as follows. · Sushi-type long-range weapon (with Wasabeam) ・Tatami shield (4 tatami mats → 12 tatami mats) ・Shrimp tempura sword (becomes a large shrimp tempura) ・Removable geta ・ Sit judgment comes out when the pilot is OFF [Number of polygons] △28672 【Contents】  Unity package  readme  Upload procedure  texture  FBX 【Change log】  2021/11/21 release  2022/08/27 Ver0.1 release. Modified according to the latest SDK. Fixed material and upload procedure.  2022/11/28 Ver0.1a release. Modified upload procedure to use VCC  2023/6/2 Ver0.1b release. tweak textures  2023/6/5 Ver0.2 release. Added textures and FBX for modification outside of Unitypackage. Cleaned up data in Unitypackage. Clearly stated that commercial use is allowed in the terms of use.

    Terms of Use

    【terms of service】 Modifiable  Commercial use allowed  Cannot be redistributed  Cannot be resold Cannot be used against public order and morals  Political/religious use not allowed  When uploading an avatar to VRChat, etc., regardless of whether it has been modified, it must be set to Private (Public setting is not possible) [Disclaimer] The creator will not be held responsible for any damages, losses, or other disadvantages arising from the use of this data.