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    Published from : 2021/01/03 23:41:05

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    VRoid Hub https://hub.vroid.com/characters/334544824555100463/models/6010743056756180580 ============================================= What I used for translation: DeepL GoogleTranslate Even if there are differences in translation into other languages, the Japanese language will be followed. ============================================= Detailed explanation ● Overview This data is an original 3D model of dodai_vr that supports Unity's Humanoid format. It is intended for use with Unity, VRChat, and VRM compatible services. Below is a description of the model and terms of use. Please be sure to read this before purchasing and use it after agreeing to it. By using this model data, it is considered that you have agreed to the terms of use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆ This model is a "Free / Trial version". * Aside from this model, there is a "paid version". QD-Machina(ABC Full set)  https://www.v-market.work/ec/mypage/items/5032/detail/ QD-Machina(type A)  https://www.v-market.work/ec/mypage/items/5029/detail/   (VRoid Hub)   https://hub.vroid.com/characters/3977496846297745356/models/6741545874149061596 QD-Machina(type B)  https://www.v-market.work/ec/mypage/items/5030/detail/   (VRoid Hub)   https://hub.vroid.com/characters/284000129319060955/models/554849564845084064 QD-Machina(type C)  https://www.v-market.work/ec/mypage/items/5031/detail/   (VRoid Hub)   https://hub.vroid.com/characters/4630314880208870738/models/7629685368222269868 The "Free / Trial version" and "paid version" are manufactured with almost the same structure and quality except for design related items. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ●Model Information ・3D Dragon Avatar「QD-M(test type)」  △:2994 polygons  bone:Humanoid  For Oculus Quest in VRChat ・software used  unity package: Unity 2018.4.20f1  fbx: Blender 2.79b ・Shader  unitypackage: VRChat/Mobile/Toon Lit  VRM: VRM/UnlitTexture ●contents ・unitypackage QD-M(test-N).unitypackage QD-M(test-O).unitypackage ・vrm QD-M(test-N).vrm QD-M(test-O).vrm ・Model(fbx)(blend) QD-M(test type).fbx QD-M(test type).blend ・Texture QD_M(Normal).png QD_M(Normal).psd QD-M(Other).png QD-M(Other).psd ・Readme ● Explanation We are making it for Oculus Quest on VRChat. Although it is set to Humanoid, it is not expected to be used in full tracking. Please be careful. ● Compatible SDK (VRChat) This avatar assumes VRCHAT SDK 2. * Before importing (.unitypackage) into Unity Please download the latest VRC SDK2 and import it first.

    Terms of Use

    ● Terms of use * Please be sure to read before purchasing. 「"dodai's Industry"製3Dモデル A型利用規約」 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uWq2HDe84dbrZLNS93VfpWCLon_cawFD/view?usp=sharing This agreement is based on VN3 license Ver.0.10 (https://www.vn3.org/). We have modified some of them and adopted them. The copyright of this data belongs to "dodai_vr" regardless of whether it has been modified or not. To services (VRChat, etc.) Uploading for private use is possible Avatar can be modified for private use Data format conversion is possible for private use *Regardless of whether or not this data has been modified, selling, distributing, or uploading this data in a form that can be used by others is considered redistribution and is not permitted. (Example: Registering a pedestal on VRChat) The governing law is Japanese law. Even if there is a difference in translation into another language, it will be based on Japanese. For details, please refer to the above link 「"dodai's Industry"製3Dモデル A型利用規約」. Laws and terms of service used, Being careful not to bother others The user is responsible for using this data. These Terms of Use are subject to change or revision without notice. Updates and sales may be suspended without notice. Please note. When you download this data You agree to the above terms and conditions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ●Version of the license  ver.2.0(2020.12.19)~ ・Start of sales and distribution : 2021.01.04 ●Right holder and contact information for right holder Right holder:dodai_vr (dodai's Industry) Twitter:@dodai_s Website:https://www.v-market.work/ec/shops/448/detail/