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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/03/14 01:06:55

    Product Details

    It is a 3DCG model of a mysterious cube called "Noma cube" (Pattera cube, Kaleido cube, etc.), which is continues to expand in infinity. It is possible to customize it freely because it is bundled with an animation that keeps moving and an easily modifiable texture PSD file. In addition, animation file that the whole lightly shakes with each movement is attached. ℹThe file is distributed to FANBOX supporters. Please check that also. https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/17346029/post/315773 【☑ Change log】 - 2019/9/9 v1.0.1  ・利用規約を一部改定しました。 - 2019/03/12 v1.0.0  ・販売開始 【☑ 3D model info】 [NomaCube.fbx] ・Polygons: △96 ・Materials: 1 ・Shape kyes: 0 ・Animation:1~1081 frames [NomaCube.anim] ・An animation file that duplicates the animation included in NomaCube.fbx to .anim. [NomaCubeShaking.anim] ・ It is an animation file which added vibration at the time of deformation to NomaCube.anim.  Root Motion Curves generated, Apply Root Motion activation recommended. 【☑ Contact】 Twitter: https://twitter.com/WatashinoTokoro BOOTH: https://namaewatashino.booth.pm VKET STORE: https://store.vket.com/ec/shops/118/detail/ DLsite: https://dlsite.com/home/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG52219.html Website: https://watashino.me FANBOX: https://watashino.fanbox.cc Ofuse: https://ofuse.me/watashino

    Terms of Use

    * If there are any errors in the English translation, the Japanese version will be followed. I do not transfer or destroy copyrights. In no event shall the creator or distributor be held responsible for any incident (damage or accident) that may be adverse to the user as a result of the use of this avatar or 3D model. [Permission] - alteration - Commercial use - Corporate use - Violence/sexual expression - Political/religious use - Use in media other than VRChat (VirtualCast distribution, filming through video distribution, in-game integration, etc.) - Creation, sale and distribution of derivative works. (Goods, figures and other three-dimensional objects require individual permission. [Prohibited] - Secondary distribution in a format that allows a third party to read the data in a prepared form (Whether unmodified or modified.) - Distribution by Avatar Pedestal/Publicization of Avatar (Whether unmodified or modified.) - Slander, slander, defamation, or threats against specific individuals or groups using this model. If you have any other questions, please contact us. - - - 著作権の譲渡・破棄は行っておりません。 このアバター・3Dモデルの使用により使用者側に不利な出来事(損害・事故)が生じた場合、それがいかなるものであっても制作者および配布元は一切責任を負いません。 【許可】 ・改変 ・商用利用 ・法人利用 ・暴力/性的表現 ・政治的/宗教的利用 ・VRChat以外の媒体への使用  (VirtualCast配信、動画・配信による撮影、ゲーム内組み込み等) ・二次創作物の作成、販売および配布  (グッズ・フィギュアなどの立体物には個別に許諾が必要です) 【禁止】 ・第三者がデータを用意に読み込める形式での二次配布  (無改変・改変済問わず) ・アバターペデスタル/アバターPublic化による配布  (無改変・改変済問わず) ・本モデルを使用した特定個人や団体への誹謗中傷、名誉毀損、脅迫行為 その他不明点がございましたら、別途連絡先までお問い合わせください。