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    Published from : 2020/12/03 05:06:00

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    VRoid VRM format Original model with maid motif. You can use it in apps that support VRM. There is no problem for users to modify and use to VRChat, MMD, etc. Reference VRoidHub https://hub.vroid.com/characters/1933253652932937559/models/5790431969687535364 Video https://youtu.be/cmD0EbYfKv0 Maids' clothes (2-color set) only are available here https://majo5meme.booth.pm/items/2121760 Model Information  Polygon number: 45474  Number of materials: 20  Number of Bones: 122 Contents  ・nachi.vrm (standard version)  ・nachi_faceTex.vrm (extra)   This model is designed to switch facial textures according to facial expressions. Only some VRM applications are supported, but please use it if you like. (It should work with 3tene, Luppet and Virtual Cast)  ・はじめにお読みください.txt(read me) Use it in accordance with the following conditions Personal commercial use is allowed. Adult-oriented (sexual) expressions are allowed Expressions for adults (violent expressions) are allowed Modification is possible Redistribution of model data, not for sale Cannot be made available to anyone other than the purchaser (such as VRChat pedestal) Other It does not support full tracking. Due to the specifications of VRoid, the legs are twisted when brought into VRChat or cluster for full tracking. This can be fixed by aligning the X-axis of the leg bones with the knee, so please adjust if necessary. Disclaimer We are not responsible for any damage or harm to users or others resulting from the use of this data. If you have any other questions, please contact the following Producer: little witch Meme Twitter: @majo5meme Email: majo5meme@gmail.com

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