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    3D model "KUCIEL"

    Sales start date : 2022/12/03 06:20:21

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    KUCIEL: 3D character avatar designed for use in VRChat. It can also be used for other applications and video streaming. Please note that it is only compatible with PC and not with Quest. Introducing an avatar for VRChat is quite difficult. Please make sure you are familiar with the operation of VRChat before purchasing. Sample World We have avatar pedestals made by Classic Chocolat, so please try them on. https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_68865fe3-be7e-4d50-ada1-2849c8b813ff Basic specifications Avatars3.0 compatible PhysBones support Full-body tracking support (Full body tracking (confirmed by Index+6 points tracking) Supports ON/OFF of animal ears. Shaders are already included and tuned with liltoon. https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 VRChatAvatarRank:VeryPoor Basic Pack Costume Variations Normal Form NOeSIS Uniform AQUA mode Body (No body in the game setting, but you can change it) Archangel Mode Swimsuit (to be added at a later date) Naked Neck (by adding the lower part of the neck, she can wear other avatars' outfits) Blender file FBX file

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use 1.Commercial use and monetization of videos, etc. You may use this service for video distribution, VRM, live game play, etc. 2. Modification There are no restrictions. 3. Adult-oriented expressions Nude modification, filming, or distribution of nudity in a public place is prohibited. String is not allowed, but bandages are allowed. If you use it as sugar between individuals, it is OK because you can't stop burning love. There are no restrictions on grotesqueness, but excrement is not allowed. Urine? If you pour it into a cup, it is considered a drink, so we consider it OK. Copyrights Classic Chocolat owns the copyright. The 3D base body (deluxe version) by Hitsujiya is used after a magical modification. 5.Uploading as NPC to the Public World You can't be naughty. No, we don't expect you to, okay? 6. Interaction between buyers As much as possible, you must interact with me after you buy! I believe in you! 7. Secondary use and production of clothing and accessories I will permit up to the use of the bone placement. Prohibited items 1. Political assertions using this model, distribution related to a specific religion, slandering or unnecessarily praising an individual or group. Classic Chocolat does not operate solely on Classic Chocolat, but is made possible by the cooperation of voice actor offices, record companies, publishers, and various other people. The above actions hurt various people and undermine their credibility. Careless comments or delivery can cause unscrupulous damage not only to the person who made them, but also to various other parties, such as the voice actors who were scheduled to participate in the classic chocolat game, who will not appear in the game. It really is traumatic already, so please don't do it. Promise! 2. Redistribution and sale Disclaimer. Please use this model within the range of your responsibility. Classic Chocolat cannot be held responsible for any problems or obstacles that may arise from the use of this model. We reserve the right to update or stop sales of this model without notice in accordance with VRChat. Terms of use in Japanese will take precedence.