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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    【VRoid Texture】Halloween Nightmare Dress

    Published from : 2020/10/23 06:49:21

    Product Details

    A dress set texture that can be worn on VRoid models. I made it with the theme of Halloween. Would you like to accompany the VR community and distribution? --------- Dress coordination texture set ・ Dress texture 3 patterns Select [One Piece Half Sleeve] in VRoid Studio and import the texture. Please adjust the parameters by referring to "sample1.png" in the DL folder. ・ Drawers texture (black) Simple drawers to prevent panchira. Select Pants (no creases) and import the texture. ・ Higth Heels texture 2 patterns Select Shoes (One Piece)] and import the texture. Socks (with an angle) are recommended for [the shape of the toes]. ・ Garter stocking texture A simple texture of spider print stockings. Select Edit Body and import the texture.

    Terms of Use

    License scope 〇Editing / modifying such as color change, retouch, partial deletion, etc. 〇 Modifications and extraction editing for wearing on models not made by VRoid 〇 Wearing on videos such as personal distribution and monetized channels (I would appreciate it if you could give me credit) 〇Posting of wearing photos on SNS and other sites, promotion, etc. × Redistributing and selling the inclusions in this package × Distributing and selling textures and models used for modifying and drafting costumes × Distributing and selling models wearing costumes without permission △ Please contact us for activities worn by Vtubers and characters belonging to companies.