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    Fairy Floss

    Published from : 2020/07/16 12:51:37

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    Watayameko's first original song about how Watayameko was born and started to walk. Song: Watameko Lyrics, Composition, Mix: Inium Effectoid [Contents] Fairy Floss Fairy Floss(Instrumental) Benefits common to both the BOOTH and Vkett editions Each wav file Jacket image Lyric card image Also available on various music distribution services! https://linkco.re/yV8qnS33 credit Song: Watameko https://twitter.com/wata_ame_ko https://www.youtube.com/c/wataamekoch Lyrics, composition, and mix: Inium Effectoid https://twitter.com/Inium_Effectoid https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Z9H-h-E_ N6q-Z1nlBZ8YA

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    On sharing a "I sang it" kind of thing To submit and distribute videos of Fairy Floss with "I sang it", "I performed it", etc. We welcome you to join us. Let's have fun singing along, following the rules below! Use "Fairy Floss (Instrumental)" when you sing. Of course, you can play it by yourself or sing it a cappella! Please use a hashtag when you post on social media. #FairyFloss #わたあめ子 Please give credit when you post. Fairy Floss Lyrics and music by Inium Effectoid or Fairy Floss wataameko/Inium Effectoid It would be great if you could post the following links as well wataameko-wataameko channel* https://www.youtube.com/c/wataamekoch You may monetize your videos and distribution (advertising, SuperChat, gifting). Please refrain from selling songs or registering content IDs (if you want to sell them, please contact us). (If you want to sell your music, please contact us.)