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    VRChat dress-up costume "Yukata"

    Published from : 2020/07/01 16:59:29

    Product Details

    VRChat Dress-up Costume [Yukata] This is a yukata model designed to be used with VRChat. It comes with a bare body and can use the other head. It is tailored to Kish and Mieshe's size. Hair ornaments, obi ornaments and a drawstring bag are included. Dynamic Bone component is used for the Kinchaku bag. Dynamic Bone is required to operate. Features. ・Two types of basic systems are available. ・The movement of the sleeves and hem is controlled by the "Clothes" component. There are 10 types of yukata patterns plus 38 types of yukata patterns. There are 10 types of patterns for yukata and 38 types of patterns for yukata and 44 types of patterns for obi. ・There are 4 kinds of Obi patterns. ・Use ArkToon shader v1.0.2.5. ・You can also change the length of the base from the shader parameters. ・It is possible to change the size of the chest with the shape keys. ・The PSD file for modification is included in the kit. How to use If you want to use the yukata data with the body and incorporate other head models 1. Import the unitypackage, and in the AM_Yukata/Prefabs folder Either [yukata_normal] or [yukata_small] in Drag it to Hierarchy. Here we use [yukata_normal]. 2. Adjust the position and size of the head model to be used (use the DummyHead as a guide) and [ Move directly under [Yukata_normal]. 3. Move each Armature of the head model to the corresponding region below Armature_yukata. Move respectively. 4. Set up the attached or not, the shape of the obi, the pattern of the yukata, etc. to your liking. If you delete the DummyHead, unused obi and ornaments, etc. when you upload, your avatar will not be displayed. It seems to be lighter. "Kish-chan, when you put a yukata on Mieshe-chan's bare body. 1. Import the unitypackage, and in the AM_Yukata/Prefabs folder Either [yukata_quiche] or [yukata_mishe] of Drag it into Hierarchy. We will use [yukata_quiche] to describe it here. 2. Drag [yukata_quiche] to Kish-chan's body object, make it a child, and put it in the Hierarchy. . 3. Each bone below the Hip in [Armature_yukata_quiche], quiche Move each object to the nadir of the bone of the same name in the body of Chan. ([H_col] and other objects have colliders in them. Do not play with them.) 4. Make the hairpiece follow Kish's head. [yukata_option_kikyou][yukata_option_tubaki From [Armature_***] in [Armature_***], click on [kikyou_root][tubaki_]. Select [***_root] and drag it to Kish's head bone. If you want to adjust its position, move [***_root] on the scene. 5. Set the attached or not, the shape of the obi, the pattern of the yukata, etc. to your liking. Precautions for use and capture. About resetting of the "Cloth". We tried to adjust it so that it doesn't break down as much as possible, but if the cloth breaks through due to misalignment, it's not easy. I cannot recover. As a way to recover, I need to find a way to incorporate Disable of the cloth component into the override. Recommended. Please refer to the included Animation. Note that the reset will not be applied to objects seen by the camera or through a mirror. You or someone else can see the reset effect, so please check there. About pattern types Each pattern is numbered and lettered, and those with only the numbers 01-10 are numbered It is set up to match two identical numbers. (Yukata_01, Obi_01, obikazari_01, etc.) If you are not sure about the combination, please refer to it. Of course, it is also possible to combine other numbers with each other. Combinations of letters and numbers (e.g. Yukata_A0, obi_C3, etc.) can be used in combination with a specific number. No combination is available. About materials for yukata For convenience of components and display, the yukata object has been changed to [ClothesParts] and [ top], with two materials in [ClothesParts] ([matA][ matB]). It is a little complicated to change the pattern, but please finish. What's included in the package ・Unitypackage. Here's a UnityPackage with all the data and pre-fab files ・PSD This is a PSD file in which UV and AO files are layered. ・Image reference This is an image file containing a list of patterns and the hierarchical position of the bones. Please refer to it when you work. ・Readme.txt - Contact. amesake https://twitter.com/amesake_san Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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