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    Sales start date : 2020/06/16 22:24:39

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    This will be a full scratch 3D avatar made by a member of the circle "Modeling Request"! Avatar Design Cake (https://twitter.com/keiki002) Clothing Production Nemtaine (https://twitter.com/nemutain333) Figures and Accessories Kappa Geezer (https://twitter.com/kappa_kkkk) Modric explained. 24 different types of shape keys The prefab is included in the package and can be installed immediately. Dynamic bone is set up. Sales Details Unitypackage (ready-to-use set) fbx style 3D avatar (full set/embodiment only) Various textures (small objects / body / hair / clothes), mask textures and PSD files Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    Modelik-chan 3D Model Terms of Use In the event of any discrepancies between the English version and the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall take precedence. Modelik (the "Rights Holder") agrees to abide by the Modelik-chan 3D Model Terms of Service ("Terms of Service"). The use of the Data, as defined in these Terms of Use, is subject to the terms of use (the "Terms of Use"). This License is granted to the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "License"). You must review the Terms of Service before you start using the Data. The user can purchase, download, install, or otherwise start using this data in any method. You will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use at the time of this Agreement. In the event that the User is a minor or other person with limited capacity, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use in advance. The consent of a legal representative, such as a person with parental authority, must be obtained from the person with parental authority to Article 1 (Definition of Terms) Article 2 (Grant of Use) Article 3 (Disclaimer) Article 4 (Ownership and Ownership of Rights, etc.) (Handling of Open Source Software, etc.) Article 5 (Prohibited Acts, Release of License) Article 6 (Liability for Damages) Article 7 (Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces) Article 8 (Governing Law, etc.) Individual terms and conditions 1. data to be licensed 2. terms and conditions of use 3. special instructions 4. inquiries to the rights holders and rights holders The following terms and conditions are applicable to the use of this website Versions of basic terms Article 1 (Definition of Words) Words used in these Terms of Use are defined below. Data" Data described in the data licensed under the Individual Terms and Conditions and its parts. "User" Whether an individual or a corporation, you may purchase in a legitimate manner or in a legitimate manner to obtain the Data from the rightholder or a third party designated by the rightholder, for example by downloading the who were. Not-for-profit: "Not-for-profit," with no aim to make a profit, but to cover the cost of materials and other necessary expenses. Consideration (whether in any form, by any name, or by the recipient thereof, hereinafter the same) to The act of receiving. A profit of more than its value is generated, and an act with a commercial purpose is considered to be commercial, but it is clearly a commercial Some profit is acceptable if the profit is not worthy of being called a purpose. Commercial" An act that does not fall under the category of non-commercial gain, but is intended for commercial purposes or for receiving compensation. An image, icon, 3D model, etc. used to indicate some kind of existence. A "social communication platform" for one-way or two-way interactions with others online A service that enables you to communicate with your customers. Online gaming platform: A service that provides games that run online. Or the game itself that runs online. Adjustment" Modification of the data to the minimum extent necessary to use the data correctly. This includes fine tuning of weights and rigs. Modification" means that the data are modified in whole or in part beyond the scope of the adjustment to make them different from the data. It was. Parts" refers to the elements, materials and other data generated by disassembling the data. This includes weights, rigs, etc. Assignment, etc. of Rights and Obligations" Assign, lend or offer as security all or part of the rights and obligations to a third party. To do or cause to be undertaken. Article 2 (Consent of Use) 1. the Rights Holder may provide the Data to the User in the manner described in these Terms of Use in the individual terms and conditions the user's own use of the software worldwide within the period of time stated in the license period and any amendments to the license. The license is granted on a non-exclusive basis. However, if the user is a minor or other person with limited capacity, the user must obtain the consent of a guardian or other legal representative in advance. This is limited to the case where you have obtained In the event of a conflict or conflict between the provisions of the individual terms and conditions and the basic terms and conditions, the former shall prevail. The former shall take precedence over the latter with respect to the provisions of the Special Provisions and other provisions. You may reproduce the Data within the scope of this License. 4. a permit for use to a particular system may include a permit for the purpose of the permit to allow that system to including allowing users to sublicense the rights to the Data they seek, to the minimum extent necessary It is. This means, for example, that when uploading to the system, the operator of the system will be able to use the service for This includes cases in which sublicense of use, duplication, distribution, etc. of the Data is requested for the purpose of providing the Data. However, the requirements of the system or the terms of use of the system are not in accordance with socially accepted norms for the right holders. significantly disadvantageous or unfair, and where the operator of the system has been injured or prejudiced against the rightholder. (1) The Company shall not foresee that it will give Where expressly permitted by the individual terms and conditions, the user may allow third parties to make adjustments or alterations to the Data It can be outsourced. In this case, the User shall notify the relevant Consignee ("Consignee") of the User's instructions. We are obliged to prohibit the use of the Data for any purpose other than the purpose of such adjustment or alteration based on the Data, and we are not obliged to use the Data for any other purpose. You shall be jointly and severally liable to the right holder for the consequences of the actions of the If you wish to use the Data in a manner not described in these Terms of Use, you must obtain the express permission of the right holder in advance. Requires. Article 3 (Disclaimer) This data is provided on an "as is" basis. The rightholder must ensure the suitability for a particular purpose of use, non-infringement of third party rights, absence of defects, and compliance with laws, regulations, and culture. No warranty is given for matters arising from commercial practices or processes. The user is responsible for the use of the data and shall indemnify and hold the rights holder harmless. The right holder is not responsible for any damage caused by the use or inability to use this data. You do not owe the Even if the right holder is liable, the right holder is not intentionally or grossly negligent and is prohibited by law. The liability of the rightholder is limited to direct and ordinary damages up to the price of the data provided. It shall be. Article 4 (Ownership of Rights, Handling of Open Source Software, etc.) 1. the intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the Data and the Parts (in whole or in part, regardless of their form) Property rights and other rights belong to the owner or to third parties. Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, the rightholder grants to the user any rights It is not. This data includes software, open source software, etc. that is owned by a third party. You may be able to use the following procedure. These are the separate licenses that apply to them ("Open Source Licenses, etc."). The license is granted in accordance with the These Terms of Use do not limit the user's rights under the Open Source License or any other license, and do not replace No rights are granted. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these Terms of Use and any open source licensee, the terms of use shall be applied only where applicable. , the latter content takes precedence. Article 5 (Termination of Prohibited Acts and Authorization) The User shall not use this data to perform any of the following acts a. Intellectual property rights of the rightholders or third parties (including copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc.), privacy rights, name rights, portrait rights, etc. b. Any act that violates the terms of service provided by the right holder or a third party. In violation of the Act, causing damage. c. Defaming or defaming a person or entity. d. Actions that violate or may violate these Terms of Use, laws and regulations, and public order and morals. e. Actions that have the potential to do so. person or a third party, or damage the confidence in them. f. The rights holder or the right holder g. Interfering with the distribution of the Data by a third party designated by a third party (e.g., a third party designated by a third party), updating, or stopping the publication of the Data. In the event that a user violates the Terms of Service, the right holder may not be able to use the Services. The license shall be terminated. In this case, the right holder shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by such termination. Article 6 (Liability and Dispute Resolution) If a user causes damage to the right holder or a third party by violating the Terms of Use, the user shall You will be liable for any and all damages, whether direct or indirect. and shall take steps to minimize such damage at the responsibility and expense of the user. It is. If the right holder instructs the right holder to take any action, the right holder shall comply with the instructions. If a dispute arises between the right holder and a third party due to a violation of these Terms of Use by the user, the user's The resolution of such disputes shall be the responsibility and expense of the parties. If the right holder's instructions are given, they must be followed. Article 7 (Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces) 1. the user (in the case of a legal entity, with respect to its officers or employees) may be a member of an anti-social group (gangsters, gangsters Boryokudan members, those who have not been a member of a crime syndicate for less than five years from the time they ceased to be a member of a crime syndicate, associate members of a crime syndicate, and companies related to crime syndicates. A person who is a member of a group of people, such as a general meeting of shareholders, a social movement group, or a violent group of special intelligence, or any other equivalent. The same is true for the following: the company does not fall under the category of a violent act, fraud or intimidation, obstruction of business or other illegal acts. You represent and warrant that you will not act in the future. 2. you may provide the Data and Parts (including altered versions) to anti-social forces, or Coordination or modification shall not be commissioned. If the user violates any of the paragraphs in this article, the rightholder will terminate this license without any notice. The following is a list of all the items in the report. In this case, the rightholder shall not be required to make any compensation or indemnification to the user, and the user shall not The right holder shall be compensated for any damage caused to the right holder. Article 8 (Governing Law, etc.) These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any disputes arising in connection with the Terms of Use shall be resolved in the courts in Japan that have jurisdiction over the location of the right holder. The court of first instance shall have exclusive jurisdiction over this matter. 2. this license is made in Japanese. The translation of these Terms of Use, if any, is provided for reference only and is not intended to be a substitute for the rights holders' rights. and users. However, the individual terms and conditions and the instructions given under these Terms of Use are not in Japanese. This is not limited to such provisions and instructions when performed only in the language. 3. the provisions of these Terms of Use or any part thereof, or any individual instructions or other instructions given under these Terms of Use In the event that a provision is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by law or regulation, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The Company shall have the following individual conditions 1. data to be licensed A 3D model of Modelik-chan and the data set that comes with it Conditions of use (1) Users A. Personal Use: Permission is granted for both commercial and non-commercial use. B. Corporate use. Please contact the right holder individually. Permission for the above use includes permission to use it yourself (as an avatar or other object). (including the taking of commemorative photos and videos) and expressive activities in the course of one's private life (including the taking of commemorative photos and videos, and (including posting on the web and printing). (2) Uploading to online services C. For their own use, social communication platforms (VRChat, (including Virtual Cast, cluster, etc.) D. to upload to online gaming platforms for their own use measure E. The social community for the purpose of making it available to third parties on that platform. Uploading to a cable or online gaming platform Permission to upload to a cable platform or online gaming platform I don't. (3) Sensitive expressions      F. Use for sexual expression is permitted (with segregation)    G. Use of violent expression is permitted (but segregation is allowed)    H. Use for political or religious activities is not permitted.    (4) Processing      I. Adjustments, polygon count reduction without compromising appearance, and file format conversion I do.    J. Modify the data or its parts and use the modified data under the same conditions as the data Permission is hereby granted to modify the data or parts of the data or parts as the main entity.    K. Using the data or parts for the purpose of modifying other data (the data or parts) Permission is hereby granted.    L. Outsourcing the coordination or modification to a third party and renting the Data to a third party for the purpose of outsourcing.  I'll allow it.        (5) Redistribution and distribution      M. Redistribution in its unaltered form is not permitted.    N. Distribution of altered data is not permitted.    (6) Use for media products      O. Permission for use in video works, distribution (including Youtube) and broadcasting    P. Permission to use in publications and electronic publications    Q. Permission to use the material for goods.    R. Embedded in software (including games) for product development and other purposes and not easily removed. I give you permission to distribute it in the state        (7) Derivative works      S. Copy the meshes and weights of this data to create the costume data for this data. Distribution, etc. (distribution, etc.) for any commercial or non-commercial purpose (including transmissions).    T. New clothing data that do not utilize the meshes and weights of the data, but conform to the standards of the data (including distribution and transmission) for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Allowed.    U. You may not use the Data as it is, but may use the Data as a motif for a derivative work (so-called "secondary"). You may distribute (including distribution and transmission) for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.    (8) Others      V. It would be nice if there was a credit card on the usage.    W. Assignment of rights and obligations, etc.    3. Special note      X. Special Note: None.  Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)