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    [VR Chat accessory model] Flight unit

    Published from : 2020/05/03 20:32:38

    Product Details

    It's a great flight unit when attached to your back. -Two kinds of textures, dark blue and white , are available. -Includes basic textures for creating textures from scratch with Substance Painter. ・ 14870 polygons in normal condition (without custom). ・ A normal map gives a nice glossy feeling. -Since the parts are separated, you can rearrange and play. -Since this product is intended as an accessory, bone and effect settings are not currently included. ◆ Contents Overview 3D model UnityPackage Standard texture Texture for editing ・ Unity Package Bainder.UnityPackage * The texture of Unity Packaege has a lower resolution. You can import texts and models into Unity at once. ・ 3D model Binder default It is a basic model. EX binder It is made by modifying the base model with low poly base. * Some parts are UV mirrored, There are places where details are broken. ・ Standard texture bainder-BlueAlb: Surface color texture. bainder-BlueEm: This is a texture that specifies where to shine. bainder-Mat: A texture that specifies the texture. * Assuming standard unity (Smoothness / Metaic) shader. bainder-Nor: Texture that sets the unevenness. Bainder-ao: A texture that specifies dark areas. ・ Editing texture (in the substance texture folder) It is a texture for setup assuming Substance Painter. * Please note that the judgment may be unsatisfactory in some areas due to model reasons.

    Terms of Use

    ◆◆◆ Terms of Service ◆◆◆ Date of enactment: 2020/2/16 This agreement is based in Japanese. ・ This agreement applies to those who use the 3D data and textures (hereafter referred to as this article) included in this product, and at the time of use, it is assumed that you have agreed to the full text of this agreement. This product can be used within the scope of the Terms of Use. This agreement may be changed or revised without notice. If the terms are changed By using this product after changing the terms, it is assumed that you have agreed to the full terms. ・ This product is mainly intended for use in services such as VRChat and secondlife that allow uploading avatars. This product can also be used for commercial activities such as video distribution, in-game assets, and video works. There is no restriction on using this product for R-18 / R-18G contents. You can use the above activities even if you have modified this product. The copyright and name display right of this product shall be exclusively owned by the author (meckgarage, hereinafter) even in the modified state, and the duplication right and the loan right shall be granted. ● Prohibited matters -Purchaser prohibits activities aimed at distributing and selling this product and modified data to third parties. (Use of VRChat for avatar pedestal, etc.) ・ To distribute as a mod of an existing game, It is allowed on condition that it is difficult to extract and that redistribution is prohibited. ・ It is prohibited to use this product for slanderous, political, or religious claims regardless of individuals or groups. ● Disclaimer -The author does not guarantee or take responsibility for any loss or trouble caused by using this product.