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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/05/03 16:55:29

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    Contents Overview 3D model UnityPackage Standard texture Texture for editing ・ Unity Package TrooperMech.UnityPackage Textures and models can be imported into Unity at once. * In order to optimize the display in Unity, the texture resolution is lowered in Uniy. ・ 3D model Trooper.fbx: 3D model for humanoid bones. Since it has 4 fingers, there is no ring finger. △ 18682 polygons. * There are some bends to reduce the number of vertices, but this is a specification. There are no morphs or animation settings, so feel free to modify and use it. ・ Standard texture Tm_Albedo: Surface color texture. Tm_Emission: A texture that specifies where the light will shine. Tm_MetallicSmoothness: A texture that specifies the texture. * Assuming a unity standard (Smoothness / Metaic) shader. Tm_Normal: Texture that sets the unevenness. * Emitting eyes Albedo / Emission: The texture is set so that the parts other than the eyes do not glow. ・ Editing texture (in the for_substance folder) It is a texture for setup assuming Substance Painter. * Please note that the judgment may be unsatisfactory in some areas due to model reasons. ao curveture ID normal: A condition that does not include surface scratches position tikkness World_nomal ·bonus Roughly colored map: You can quickly color code. Dirty texture / dirt mask map: A photo transfer. With dirt texture The dirt mask map is a set, and you can dent the paint bald part. Internal light emission map * AO inversion & gradation map: Designates the location and color to glow, It would be nice to put a mask on the AO map.

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    Terms of service *This agreement is based in Japanese. ◆ Outline of Terms of Use Use for Avatar: Possible Modification: Possible Commercial use: Possible Use for R-18, R-18G contents: Possible Redistribution: Prohibition without modification Distribute as mod of existing game: Prohibited VRChat avatar pedestal usage: prohibited Use for slanderous purposes: prohibited ・ This product is mainly intended for use in services such as VRChat and secondlife that allow uploading avatars. This product can also be used for commercial activities such as video distribution, in-game assets, and video works. There is no restriction on using this product for R-18 / R-18G contents. You can use the above activities even if you have modified this product. The copyright of this product and the right to display the name shall be exclusively owned by the author (meckgarage, hereinafter), even in the modified state. The use of this product as an in-game asset is subject to the duplication and loan rights of this product. ● Prohibited matters -Purchaser prohibits activities aimed at distributing and selling this product itself and modified data to third parties. (Use as VR avatar pedestal, distribute this product as mod of existing game, etc.) ・ It is prohibited to use this product for slanderous, political, or religious claims regardless of individuals or groups. ● Disclaimer -The author does not guarantee or take responsibility for any loss or trouble caused by using this product. -There are some bends to reduce the number of vertices, but this is a specification.