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    [Original 3D model for VRchat] A researcher at an organization

    Published from : 2020/04/23 15:16:29

    Product Details

    This is the original model for VRchat. It is designed to look like a female researcher with jagged teeth who stands about 170 cm tall, assuming a model for RP. Also, there is no specific name. The name tag is written in kana. We have bundled the unity package for easy configuration. The shader uses "UTS" as the default setting. It is recommended to use a shader that can be displayed on the back side. Confirmed on unity2018 environment] If you press AutoFix button, it's okay if you get Mipmap error. If you have downloaded inves_v1, if you can't see the blue color on VRchat, open avatar field and close it with cursor. [2022/5 VRC update confirmed to work. *The avatar 3.0+physbone specification has been used (inves_v2PB) Please read the explanation and terms of use before you purchase. Please be sure to read and confirm the contents before purchasing. Ver. 2.0 uses "Unity-chan Toon Shader 2.0". If you have any problems, please feed back to us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Aw_ritsushitA. I placed it in the VRoid Hub for those who want to see it in action. https://hub.vroid.com/characters/6589701047792620406/models/4537011343861126738 Content File] inves_package.zip Texture (.png .psd) Model data (.fbx) Unity package (Unity package file) Usage notes (.txt) VRChat_SDK is not included in the Unity package. [Specification] Fully tracked (Tracking support) Automatic blinking with animation. lip sync Rocking object with dynamic bones in the form of With toe bones Triangle polygon: 45,602 Number of materials: 5 Number of mesh objects: 22 Shader: UTS2 (setting for distribution) Bone structure: for unity Humanoid Shape keys for facial expressions: multiple *Reference to the facial expressions in the product image

    Terms of Use

    【License】 Copyrights are not transferred or abandoned. ○ This model can be used in the following applications. ・ Use in VRChat ・ Model modification ・Video production ・ Commercial use In case of commercial use, please give credit notation as much as possible. ○ The following actions are prohibited. ・ Secondary distribution in a form that third party can easily read model data (Including modification) ・ Distribution by avatar pedestal ・ Use for the purpose of slandering to specific individuals and organizations using this model ・ Utilization corresponding to prohibited act by excessive expansion interpretation This work is provided under unity-chan license terms. © Unity Technologies Japan/UCL 【Disclaimer】 ・ In using this model,  In the event of a disadvantageous problem on the user side and troubles between third parties,  Distribution source does not take responsibility at all regardless of what it is. ・ These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice