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    Published from : 2020/04/16 14:42:49

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    VRChat想定オリジナル3Dモデル Electra(エレクトラ) 制作者:tack 概要 VRChatでの利用を措定したロボ娘のオリジナル3Dモデルです。 VRChat以外での利用も可能です。詳しくは利用規約をお読みください。 ・49938ポリゴン ・11マテリアル ・リップシンク用シェイプキー15種 ・表情用シェイプキー20種 ・アイトラッキング対応 ・フルトラッキング未対応(今後対応させます) ・Arktoon-Shaders使用 ・Devil、Bunnyパーツ追加 内容物 ・セットアップ済みUnity Package file (Cyan Pink Purpleの3カラーのセットアップ済みマテリアル同梱) ・fbxファイル ・Texture(png、テクスチャ改変用CLIP STUDIO FORMAT、PSD付属、UVマップはCLIPとPSDの中に含まれてます) ・MatCap(png、改変用CLIP STUDIO FORMAT、PSD付属) ・README

    Terms of Use

    2019/09/18 ・We agree to these Terms of Use at the time of purchasing this model. The contents of the terms of service may be changed, and the latest one will be applied. ・The copyright of this model belongs to tack of the model creator. In addition, the use of a modified model and a part of this model is attributable to the author. ・Model modification is free. ・This model, a service with avatar upload function of remodeled model (VRChat, cluster., Virtual Cast, etc) Allow uploading and use as an avatar accordingly. ・This data and the remodeling data can be used for individual activities regardless of the commercial or non commercial by game, animation, video, VirtualYoutuber, software, etc. However, please consult the author for corporate use. ・The use to R-18 · R-18G is not limited. However, please do so based on the rules and laws of the services you use at your own risk. 〇Prohibited matter ・We will prohibit the acts and purposes contrary to public order and morals, politics, religious activities, use for slander wounding against others. ・Redistribution of this model and modified versions of this model, and the act of making it freely available to third parties other than this model purchaser are prohibited. (It is prohibited to make this model available to third parties such as Avatar Pedestal and Avatar Clone of VRChat.) ○Disclaimer ・The author tack is not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage caused by using this model. Please use this model at the user's responsibility. If you have any other questions or problems, please contact the following. Twitter:@k_tack_vr  https://twitter.com/k_tack_vr