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    【cluster&VRChat Original 3D Avatar】Kokona-Chan

    Published from : 2020/04/16 01:15:48

    Product Details

    【Feature】 ・ Virtual SNS platform cluster https://cluster.mu/ I made it so that it can be used without processing. The image shows the avatar upload procedure, so please refer to it! -Of course, it can also be used for VRChat! A unity package for VRChat is included. -The shirt of the jacket uses a one-piece texture, and the pants use a trouser texture. For example, if you apply a transparent texture to your pants, you can change into a one-piece outfit only! ・ Both cluster and VRChat support full tracking! * 2020/12/12 Ver1.02 Additional information! 心結ちゃん, who has been converted to SD for the Vket5 exhibition, has been added! Remake skin texture! * 2020/5/17 Ver1.01 Additional information! We have added a .vroid file that you can import into VRoid Studio to make it easier to modify! C: ¥ Users ¥ **** ¥ Documents ¥ vroid ¥ avatars (**** is the OS user name) You can edit it by copying the ".vroid for 心結ちゃん Studio" file below and starting VRoid Studio. 【how to use】 cluster Download file "心結ちゃん cluster.vrm" You can use it just by uploading it on the cluster web page! I described it in detail on the third image! VRChat We have prepared a lightweight version with integrated materials and two models without integrated materials for modification. ① Create a project with VRChat recommended Unity 2018.4.20f1. (2) Download the latest VRC SDK from the VRC web page and import it into Unity. ③ Please import DynamicBone in advance when using shaking objects. (It is a paid asset) (4) Since MToon is used, please import UniVRM-0.62.0. https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/releases ⑤ If you import the download file "心結ちゃん.unity package or 心結ちゃん lightweight unity package" into the project, you will find the prefab already set up. Please upload this and it's OK!

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of service】 * About copyright -The copyright of this model belongs to hk of this model creator regardless of whether it is modified or not. -This model and modified model can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use. -It can be used for video distribution with VR applications such as cluster and VRChat. ・ Please do not use for R-18 / R-18G. -This model is customized for cluster and VRChat as of 12/12/2020. Please note that it may not work properly due to version upgrades of each application. -The .vroid file is created with VRoid Studio-v0.11.2-win. ※Prohibited matter ・ You can freely modify and upload this model without any problem. ・ However, resale is prohibited regardless of whether or not it has been modified. -Prohibit use for the purpose of politics, religion, illegal acts, or slander to others.