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    VRoidStudio Accessory Texture Crocodile Tail

    Published from : 2024/05/12 10:52:06

    Product Details

    (Contents) ・Texture (.png): 1 piece ・Terms of use (.txt): 1 piece *This product only has the texture of the crocodile tail. (Model information) ・Texture: 512*512(px) -Made with VRoidStudio 1.27.0. ・This is a texture that can be used for the fox tail of VRoid Studio accessories. ・You can attach it to your avatar using VRoid Studio. (Procedure and parameter reference values) ・VRoidStudio accessories → Add accessories → Tail → Fox tail → → Edit texture → Texture → Import default image by right-clicking → →Select the image of crocodile tail ・Parameter reference values Tail curve:-1.0 Puff out the base of the tail: 40.0 Bend the base of the tail up and down: -0.150 Tail tip thickness: -80.0 Remaining parameters: 0.0 ・Enlarge the entire tail and adjust its position.

    Terms of Use

    (Terms of Use/Disclaimer) - Cannot be redistributed or resold. (Including modified products, etc.) -Parts of this product may not be redistributed or resold. ・Copyright will not be waived. (Including modified products, etc.) ・We are not responsible for any damage caused by this product or modified products. ·Non-returnable. ・Can be modified or used for commercial purposes. (Cannot be redistributed or resold)