Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space
Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Official Distribution Material for VirtualMarket6

    Published from : 2021/06/28 17:04:37

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    This is an official resource package of the Virtual Market6. For details, please check out the Terms of Use. We provide the following resources in the package. - Vket6/VketMall logo image - VketMall logo image of each store - Vket6/VketMall concept art image

    Terms of Use

    [Terms of Use] - The resources can be used for streamings or space production for the Vket6 or VketMall by individuals. - Usage for streaming window or thumbnail when streaming about the Vket6 and VketMall. - Usage for exhibits such as the exhibition space of the Vket6 and VketMall. - This event is supported by many exhibitors and staff. Please refrain from any acts of slandering or defamation in streaming or other cases. - If a legal entity wishes to use the resources, please contact us separately. - For any other inquiries about the use of this package, please contact us. [Disclaimer] - Virtual Market will not take any responsibility for any actions and remarks of yours during the streaming or any by others. - We do not renounce the copyrights of the resources made available.