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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    "Lie Detector"/April Fool's Day Specials/Electric current chattering

    Published from : 2024/04/01 18:51:32

    Product Details

    ■■Wrench punk series No.3 "lie detector"■■ This is a special April Fool's Day product. In these days of fake news, our store, in pursuit of the truth, has developed this original electronic machine that can detect lies. The highly accurate judging system can make a lie judgment on any conversation in 1/3 of the time. Easy installation including gimmicks by using Modular Avatar! *Depending on the weight of the world and the avatar's animation configuration, the operation may become unstable. The third in the "Wrench punk Series" a mix of sci-fi, cyber, and steampunk items. Included in the package are ・FBX ・Textures ・UnityPackage ・README.txt ・How to set up items.txt ////////////////////////////////////// Shaders are made with liltoon. ↓↓ https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170 Unity ver.2022.3.6f1 with VCC (with the following), confirmed to work on the Project Type Avatar project. VRChat Package Resolver Tool (0.1.28) VRChat SDK-Base (3.5.2) VRChat SDK-Avatars (3.5.2) Modular Avatar (1.9.10)

    Terms of Use

    ■Modification free. You may modify the accessory data of this model or add it to your avatar; however, you may not claim that you are the creator of this product. ■Modification requests are permitted only between individuals. You may only request a model modification to a third party when both individuals have purchased the same product. ■Redistribution is strictly prohibited. You may not install VRC pedestals or other devices that enable people who have yet to purchase the product to use the data. Redistribution and resale of the product are strictly prohibited, regardless of whether or not the data has been modified. Transferring model data between individuals is also prohibited. ■Available for commercial use (must include credit) You may use the products in commercial works, such as games, visual works, videos, live streaming, images, etc., as long as "VTuber WRENCH" credit is included. ■Use for political or religious activities, defamation, or any use against public order and morals is prohibited. ■No NFTs Any unauthorized use of the products for NFTs sold by "Rei-Ichi Pilot Factory" may result in legal action. ■Terms and Conditions may be updated. Follow the latest terms and conditions in such cases. ■Please note that I, VTuber WRENCH is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to the use of the products.