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    [VRChat assumption] Original model [SaSa&MeMe] #MxU工房

    Published from : 2023/11/26 20:01:17

    Product Details

    Thank you for viewing this product. VRChat, Humanoid compatible for use with VRM compatible apps Original 3D beast model The latest version of the nine-tailed fox twins [MeMe] & [SaSa] is v1.0. *Please prepare and import this first before using this model. The shader has been changed to "lilToon" from the VCC compatible version. Please prepare the shader from the URL below. https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 ◆Contents MeMe/SaSa both have the same content Number of polygons ・MeMe, △14999 ・SaSa, △65948 ・Both are approximately 150cm tall (from feet to ears) ・DynamicBone/No eye tracking ・Lip sync operation confirmed ・PhysBone already set ・VRC upload set up *Quest not supported "SaSa・MeMe_mini" VRChat version and VRM version are available. PNG and FBX files are also included for modification. ◆About operation confirmation ・Operation confirmed on 3 points of VR by connecting Quest2 to VRC ・VRM data is in Cluster Operation confirmed on Quest2 single machine/smartphone/desktop version MeMe introduction video https://youtu.be/CsokMFcLrGg SaSa introduction video https://youtu.be/GhO2wkwufvQ ★Notice We are giving a lecture on how to make this model "SaSa" in the Udemy course! If you learn how to make it, you can arrange it like MeMe and get your own furry avatar. If you are interested, please check it out♪ ◆Kemono avatar production course on Udemy VRoid Studio https://www.udemy.com/course/vroidstudio-kemono/?referralCode=6B54E04731F4D95D5B9B

    Terms of Use

    ◆Terms of use ・Copyright is not waived. It belongs to Muzuki. -Representing your own work, redistributing, or selling it is prohibited. The installation of pedestals within the world is also prohibited. ・Commercial use is possible for individuals and corporations. Distribution by VTuber etc. is also OK! - Modifications such as color changes are possible. However, it is prohibited to claim that you created the modified textures or to redistribute or resell them. - Please be careful when uploading to VRoid Hub etc. in a state where it can be downloaded by a third party (textures can be reused), as this is redistribution. ◆Cancellation/Refund BOOTH does not accept returns or refunds after purchasing downloaded products. Please feel free to contact us if there are any defects or deficiencies caused by our products. *We are not responsible for any troubles caused by use. Inquiry support is mainly provided in Japanese. Or we can use Google Translate if necessary. Inquiry support will be handled in Japanese or translated.