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    Original 3D Model『Pumpkin・Halloween * Jack-o'-Lantern』VRChat * cluster

    Published from : 2023/10/20 23:49:39

    Product Details

    Original 3D Model Pumpkin・Halloween * Jack-o'-Lantern』VRChat * cluster It's for Halloween. (Jack O'Lantern) A normal map is used, and the pumpkin fruit is three-dimensional. The leaves and nuts glow faintly in the dark. You can also wear it on your head. There are faces in both the front and back. The opening sizes of the mouths are different, so you can stick your face out of the mouth or move either forward as you like. Regular version and lightweight version Contains 2 types. pumpkin △3368 polygons pumpkinlight △1904 polygons *shader VRM/MToon *Normal Map ◆◆◆◆◆ 3D items for VRChat and clusters. * pumpkin.unitypackage * FBX ◆regular version【pumpkin】 pumpkin △3368 polygons material 6 ◆lightweight version【pumpkinlight】 pumpkinlight △1904 polygons material 2 ◇shader VRM/MToon Please download and use the following in advance. Download UniVRM https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/releases ◆◆◆◆◆

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