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    『To the last fragment』 [MusicVket5]

    Published from : 2023/08/03 16:45:53

    Product Details

    * Original Voice Drama * Fragment of Time Project * 『Fragment of Time, a Guiding Light』 ********************************************** ◆HP http://create-fantasy.com/fotcd2/index.html Theme Song 『To the last fragment』 ********************************************** About Music 『To the last fragment』 Fragment of Time Project Title: "To the last fragment" Planning: Fragment of Time Project Specifications: mp3 (chorus/instrumental) Recording time: 4 minutes 30 seconds for chorus, 4 minutes 30 seconds for instrumental Summary: Contains the theme song of the story* Audition: You can listen on the homepage. Download version: Sound source data only. Jacket data etc. are not included. ***************** ◆DL ・MP3 (Chorus・instrumental) ********************************************** ・【BOOTH】 『Fragment of Time Project』 https://fot-project.booth.pm/ ********************************************** Copyright © *Fragment of Time Project* All Rights Reserved. **********************************************

    Terms of Use

    All rights of the producer(or manufacturer)and of the owner of recorded work reserved. Unauthorized copying,(public performance),broadcasting,renting and making transmittable of this record prohibited. Produced & Manufactured by Fragment of Time Project NOT FOR RESALE Copyright© Fragment of Time Project All Rights Reserved.