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    Avatar Costume Set for VRChat Part 2: School Set

    Published from : 2023/08/24 18:27:20

    Product Details

    Product Contents VRChat Avatar Costume Set Vol. 2" in Unitypackage The set includes Fbx models, textures, animations and animators. Shaders are liltoon. Please download and import the following from Booth. Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Modular avatars are required for costume integration. https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev/ja/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ・Prefab with preconfigured JP=Japanese Eng is English BoneOnly.Prefab This is the Prefab that will be the parent of the outfit. Without it, you will not be able to upload correctly. Menu_2_JP.Prefab (Menu_2_Eng.Prefab) Prefab for switching sets in the Costume Set 1 menu, Prefab (Menu_2_Eng.Prefab) Menu_All_JP.Prefab (Menu_All_Eng.Prefab) This is the parent of the costume menu. Without it, you will not be able to upload properly. Menu for costume set 1. Cloth_11_SchoolUniform.Prefab Cloth_12_SchoolGym.Prefab Cloth_13_SchoolSwim.Prefab Cloth_14_SchoolSwim_Old.Prefab All you have to do is drag and drop it onto the avatar you want to install. Each of these is set to be added to the menu. If you exclude them from your avatar, they will disappear from the menu as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can put them on my avatars for sale as well as avatars created by others. It may be difficult to port them completely due to differences in proportions

    Terms of Use

    ■Terms of Use By purchasing this model, you agree to these Terms of Use. Please refer to the enclosed Pdf for detailed terms and conditions. Each language is available. The contents are also output as an image. The contents not mentioned above are as follows 3D printer output OK Installation as objects (figures and NPCs) in the world is OK. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Disclaimer (Anomalo P) shall not be liable for any damages incurred through the use of this data. Please use at your own risk. ◆Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is only for mutual followers. (https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) E-mail address anomarokarintou0★gmail.com Please change ★ to @ and send. Or join our discord server and inquire. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Terms of Use enacted on August 23, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Update history ●August 23, 2023 Launch.