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    Reze | VRChat Avatar

    Sales start date : 2023/07/18 17:44:28

    Product Details

    Based on the character "Reze" from "Chainsaw Man". Everything is fully made from scratch by me and has excellent rigging and topology to work with. Feel free to use parts and modify! The avatar is meant for use in VRChat, but can be used for other applications following the provided License below. Please consider joining my community where I'd love to interact with you, get feedback, share pictures, and more! Link at bottom of page. Please contact me, preferably on my Discord server, if there are any issues I can fix! ◄ Updates ► 03/31/23 - V1.1 Fixed Gesture Pose hand animations not packaged properly. 04/18/23 - V1.2 Updated base with new normals and shapekeys for the dress. 06/05/23 - V1.4 Updated to have full nude base option with shapekeys along with shapekeys for summer dress. ◄ Details ► Features: - Full-Body Tracking Optimized - 4 Outfits + 8 Outfit Variations - 8 Premade Face gestures - Pull-able Neck Pin (Devil Transform) - Devil Head knock sfx - 5+ AV3 Interactions - Physbones for Outfits, Hair, and Body - 13 Base Materials - 40+ Shapekeys Shader: - ACLS Shader ( https://aciil.booth.pm/ ) Triangle Counts: Base + Outfit | △ 61,369 + Devil Form | △ 106,787 + Extra Outfits | △ 129,559 Coming Soon: - Face Tracking - Open Back Maxi-Style Dress - Lingerie Set (Some may be Patreon exclusive) ◄ Setup & Requirements ► The only requirements are: 1. Have the proper version of the Unity Editor reccomended by VRChat ( https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/current-unity-version ) 2. Have the Avatars VRCSDK for VRChat added to your project ( https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/setting-up-the-sdk ) Once the requirements are met, you can import the Reze unitypackage, go to the folder named "Reze", then open the file labeled "OPEN ME". You then can upload the avatar as-is or make modifications to your desire. ◄ Contact ► Discord Server | https://discord.gg/rdvP9eC Twitter | https://twitter.com/CascadianVR YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/c/Cascadian

    Terms of Use

    When purchasing this model, it is assumed that you have agreed to this agreement. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change, and the latest version shall prevail. This agreement uses the VN3 license ( https://www.vn3.org/ ) License: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15pNsahk9o53bfKybcY6XAB1kHdkoC1o6?usp=share_link