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    Published from : 2023/07/09 14:26:47

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    This model is a 3D model intended for use with VRChat. Available for both commercial and non-commercial use Original 3D model "Yato" She is a lively and bright rabbit girl. ◆Notes◆ ■Details other than the basic specifications of the model (conversion method to VRM, upload method, etc.) are out of the scope of support. ■We may not be able to respond to inquiries in languages ​​other than Japanese. ■ Due to the nature of DL products, returns and refunds are not possible. ■This product is sold only at Booth, and if it is sold at any other shop, it is illegal. If we confirm sales or purchases at other shops, we will promptly report it. Please import the following two points in advance and then import the unitypackage file. ・liltoon [https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170] ・VCC (VRChat Content Creation) or VRCSDK avatar3.0 ■ Model information ・Number of polygons: 110626 ・Avatar Rank: Very poor ・Shape key [Face Expression/Adjustment/MMD Compatible: 220] [Body dress-up/adjustment: 20] [Hair/Costume for dress-up/adjustment: 39] ■ Bundled data ・Body model FBX ・Unity package ・Texture PNG ・ Texture PSD for modification ・Modification texture ClipStudio file ・Blend file (ver3.4.1) ■Terms of use This agreement uses the VN3 license (https://www.vn3.org/) template created by Hiroko Ashiyama (@hiorko_TB). ・ Full text of the terms (JP) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-838MZ802fLoQGbtw33xFeunqrWrmKD7/view?usp=sharing ・Terms of use (EN) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-4CDltMZ1DdBwkJ-yVL2vQH7o7Zmdffw/view?usp=sharing ・Birthday https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-J0MPE5jmNNxzw84zIZ0ZtL2eVMDF97a/view?usp=sharing It is assumed that you have agreed to these terms of use at the time you start using this model by purchasing, downloading, installing, etc. Please be sure to check these terms of use before using this model. In addition, if there is a difference with other languages, the Japanese version of the terms of use will apply. ■ Update history [2023/05/01 Ver.1.00] · Sales start [2023/05/07 Ver.1.01] ・ Correction of the FX layer ・Fixed because the main color of the Effect material was missing [2023/05/14 Ver.1.02] ・ Correction of the FX layer Correction of empty parts ・Fixed the mesh slightly [2023/05/14 Ver.1.03] ・Fixed the mesh slightly

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