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    Original model for VRC "Alyssa"

    Published from : 2020/04/02 14:56:10

    Product Details

    Original 3D model for VRC "Alyssa" ver1.0 VRChat supposed full scratch 3D model △ 53627 Humanoid format ・ 15 types of lip sync ・ Unity-chan toon shader set ・ Unlit_WF_ShaderSuite_20191222_Core set ・ Dynamic Bone (paid) set Beforehand Unity-chan shader Unlit_WF_ShaderSuite_20191222_Core Please introduce. If there is a separate Dynamic Bone, the twin tail and skirt will shake. Alissa.blend Edit file for Blender Alissa_Atlas.fbx Please for modification etc. Textures Texture assortment used for this model The model we are applying to is the one that has been converted to atlas The texture before atlasing is also enclosed. Readme.txt Describes the rules and introduction method. I'm not assuming full tracking May break in places * It may be fixed if you notify me of the failure point with DM By using this model data We do not take any responsibility or compensation for the loss or damage of money, equipment or opportunity trouble. For the time being, it is offered at a price of ¥ 1000 It will be ¥ 500 only during Virtual Market 4 holding period If you have any other questions or bug fixes twitter @ fa_kokeshi821 Please give us a direct message.

    Terms of Use

    All copyrights related to Alyssa's model belong to the creator, Aokoke. Prohibition of redistributing, selling and reselling Alyssa 3D model data set. (For uploading when you use this avatar in VRChat etc.) It shall not be redistributed. ) This model can be modified freely If it is within the range of personal use, we will allow commercial use in VR related, game production, video production, etc. Other than "buyer" such as avatar clone and pedestal It is prohibited to use this model freely. Terms of service and prices are subject to change or revision without notice. Also, please note that distribution of model data may be suspended.