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    [VRChat VCC Compatible] Game world kit "CombatGimmick" for VRChat

    Sales start date : 2023/06/21 00:49:59

    Product Details

    Please note that documentation for this asset is available only in Japanese. A versatile kit to create game worlds for VRChat. You can create your own game world such as FPS shooter or parkour. You can also implement a mini-game to your world that you have already created. You don't have to make script by yourself. (Just customize models and field and change parameters) All gimmicks are compatible with PCVR/Quest/Desktop. This product contains same asset as Ver1.8 CombatGimmick available in the store below. https://tommyudonfactory.booth.pm/items/4621717

    Terms of Use

    Please see "VRC CombatGimmick(License file only)". (License file is free)