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    VRoid Uniform Knight | Knight Armor untuk VRoid Character

    Published from : 2023/03/31 02:09:08

    Product Details

    Night uniforms for VRoid, VTuber, and VRChat characters. If you're interested, there are two versions, service uniforms and full sets. * Installation available for latest Version of Vroid For the first version: - uniform - gloves For the second version: - uniform - Pants - clothes - gloves - Shoes There are already rules on how to use it Introducing our latest product, the Knight Uniform for VRoid characters, inspired by popular anime films. This product is designed to give your character a fierce and powerful look, and can be applied to your VRoid character with ease. It can also be used on platforms such as VRChat, VTuber, and other similar platforms. Included in the package is a step-by-step guide on how to install the uniform, making the process hassle-free. Please note that this product is not for commercial use.

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