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    [VRChat Assumption] Footbath, Oden and Sake Space Set

    Published from : 2022/12/02 21:03:52

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    Assumed VRChat world use Footbath space & Oden & tableware set. Footbath facilities for 4 people  Footbath (hot water particle)  Cushions  Slatted flooring  Hot water spout (water flow particle) Oden pot  Daikon radish  two kinds of chikuwa  Satsuma-age  hanpen (half-shelled fish)  Chikuwabu  Konnyaku  potato  sausage  konbu  Tsukune skewers Sake Cups & Tableware  Plates with leaf design  Wooden sake cups  Metal sake cups  Mushroom chopstick rests & chopsticks  Yakumi Jar  Dish  Chopsticks  Chopstick Stand  Skewer holder This is a set of the above (the wall and floor used in the image are not included). We recommend using the set near a wall because of the hot water spout. Meshbaked prefab and prefab in pieces for customizing the arrangement are included. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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    ■Use Assumptions Use for VRChat world Use as background for distribution by Vtubers, etc. Incorporation into games Prohibited items Redistribution and sale of this 3D data as is Redistribution or sale of modified versions of this 3D data Contact information for this 3D data Emo Ishiki https://twitter.com/ishiki_emo