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    [3D accessory] Tea set (cup & saucer & pot)

    Published from : 2020/06/15 17:49:14

    Product Details

    Tea set (cup & saucer & pot). We have prepared 5 types of patterns, so please use according to the scene. The prefab is divided by pattern below. ・Tea cup & saucer ・Teapot ·Tea cup ・Saucers *Unity is required to use this product. ※Contents※ unitypackage ・fbx 1 set 6650 (Number of polygons: tea cup 1726, contents 316, saucer 764, teapot 3844△) ・Adjusted prefab (20 types) ・Adjusted materials (6 types) ・Texture (png format 5 types) Readme.text

    Terms of Use

    ※Terms of service※ -The copyright of this data belongs to the author (Daigo), and the user is deemed to have agreed to the latest terms of use at the time of data purchase. ・Modifiable textures and shaders ・Commercial use for videos and games (* All ages and R18 are acceptable unless redistributed. Credits are optional.) ・Redistribution, acts considered as redistribution, and self-made remarks are prohibited (even modified ones are prohibited. However, feel free to use only textures made by yourself) Prohibition of use for acts or purposes that violate public order and morals, politics, religion, or for slander or slander against others * Violators must pay the author a penalty of JPY 500,000 each time. In addition, the author does not take any responsibility for any problems or troubles caused by this data. ・This agreement may be changed by the author. [2020/4/01]