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    Published from : 2022/12/02 20:58:28

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    # Additional puzzles Puzzle data that can be used with 3D Pipe Puzzle and 2 extra very long puzzles. ## Contents * 100 data for Small puzzle (2x3x3) * 100 data for Medium puzzle (4x3x3) * 100 data for Large puzzle (4x4x4) * 100 data for Long puzzle (10x4x3) * Long long puzzle (30x4x3) * Long Long long puzzle (100x4x3) ## Puzzle data The puzzle data were generated to satisfy the following conditions * There is only one solution * The set of dashed lines is maximal (i.e. Wherever a dashed line is added, there will be more than one solution) ### Usage Let's take SmallPuzzle as an example (the same applies to other sizes). The variable `InitialWalls` in the `Puzzle (U# Script)` component of SmallPuzzle determines the initial state of the puzzle. The `100SmallPuzzles.txt` is a text file with 100 lines, each line representing the initial state of the puzzle. Copy any line you like and paste it into `InitialWalls`. ## Extra puzzle They are very long puzzles. I have not solved any of them because it is too long, but it should be solvable because it is generated in such a way that the above conditions are satisfied. Closed cycle detection is disabled by default because the size is too large. ### Usage Please add it as a child object of `Puzzles`, a child object of `3DPipePuzle`. ## License CC0

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