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    Published from : 2022/11/30 23:07:46

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    # 3D Pipe Puzzle 3D pencil puzzle made for VRChat using UdonSharp Exhibited at Vket2022Winter (Snowman's Toy Factory - Toy Toy Factory Hustle'n'bustle - Yellow) ## Rule Make a single continuous loop by connecting all the nodes with pipes along the dashed lines. ## Contents * 5 Small puzzles (2x3x3) * 5 Medium puzzles (4x3x3) * 5 Large puzzles (4x4x4) * 5 Long puzzles (10x4x3) * Pen for the puzzles 4 of the 20 puzzles with names ending in `PuzzleA` are the same as those exhibited in Vket. ## How to use A prefab `3DPipePuzzle` in the unity package contains all contents (20 puzzles and a pen). All puzzles must be child objects of a game object `Puzzles`. ### Cycle detection There is a feature to show an invalid loop in red. This may take a long time for large puzzles, and the screen may freeze for a moment when you use the pen, so disable it if you don't need it. 1. Uncheck the `Detect Cycle` checkbox of the `Puzzle (U# Script)` component attached to the puzzle ### How to disable sync 1. Remove the `VRCObjectSync` component from the puzzle. 2. Change the synchronization method from `Manual` to `None` of the Data object (a child object of the puzzle). ## License CC0

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