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    Published from : 2022/11/19 14:49:28

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    ; パススルーテレポートゲート ## Summary teleport gate; you can look through the gate at the destination scene beyond. for VRChat Exhibit at Vket2022Winter (Cosmotravel Elevator T-Omega『magic shop "Kaleido-journey"; 万華絡繰の魔法店』https://winter2022.vket.com/circle/53) There're lots of modifications from Vket version. * behaviour of jumping into * implelemnt planar clipping (no longer vulnerable to walls) * fix rendering order problem * can render multiple gates at the same time ## Requirements * VRChat Creator Companion; `UdonSharp` template * lilToon ## Content * Example Scene * Door.0.prefab Gate type 0 - Door shape using well-known teleporter effect of VRC_StarterKit * Prefabs/Measure IPD.prefab roughly measure Player IPD * Prefabs/Teleport CoolTime.prefab manager of teleporter cool time * _Generated/ folder for auto-generated RenderTextures of each gate ## How to use Place pair of Door.0.prefab to the scene and set another to `Teleport To` variable each other; can set just a Transform to `Teleport to` then automatically placed * Measure IPD * Teleport CoolTime You can move these in favor place at Hierarchy. UdonBehaviours set in `Listeners` variable can listen teleport events. ## Special Thanks * AYANO_TFT's booth at Vket2021 https://note.com/ayano_tft/n/n9777c7a3826f * VRC_Starter Kit https://booth.pm/ja/items/3435413 ## TODO * to implement IPD measurement with AudioListener?

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    CC0 PortalPlaneShader: using lilToon custom shader template