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    Maya-class destroyer 3D model set

    Published from : 2022/11/09 15:14:57

    Product Details

    *A future 1.0A update will add detailed modeling of the boat davits, and will include an 11m work boat and a 7m composite boat. ---------------------------------------- A collection of 3D models for game assets created for use on Unity! This 3D model reproduces the Maya-class destroyer (2nd generation) of the Maritime Self-Defense Force! More stealthy than the Atago type, the first and second ships have different shapes (mast tip and helicopter control room)! The model can be used in various scales from full-scale to model-size! triangular surfaces: 85000 (including arming) *Material Armament 1 mat (2048x2048 texture) DDG-179 Maya 1 mat (4K texture) DDG-180 Haguro 1 mat (4K texture) *Included Armament (part of Modern Naval Weapon Set Vol.1) Mk45 5-inch gun Mod.4 Mk15 CIWS Block1B Mk41 VLS SSM-1B Canister SSM-2 Canister RIM-7 Sea Sparrow RIM-162 ESSM (Evolved Sea Sparrow) Type 07 Vertical Launch Torpedo Throwing Rocket Type 97 short torpedo Type 12 short torpedo

    Terms of Use

    * The copyright of this 3D model and its source files belongs to BitPBX. * In principle, redistribution is prohibited regardless of whether it is modified or not. * Use of this model for slanderous defamation against a specific nation, organization, or person is not allowed. *Use or modification for the purpose of developing into other serious problems is prohibited. * It is OK to use the modified version without violating the above rules. * You can use the models for videos, but you must give credit to the creator of the model in the description. * We would be happy to know if you let us know that you used our model. * Also, if you have any questions or suggestions in the terms, please feel free to contact the creator's Twitter or email address.