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    Published from : 2020/12/27 15:58:55

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    =============================================== It's a warm and relaxing tea time today? I set up a chair, a table, and a tea set. The scent of tea wafting through the air. Everyone gathers in the forest square. It's a warm and a fun tea time today! =============================================== ▼CONTENTS ●Prefab 1 "TeaPartySet " 1)Teapot(with Tea) 2)SugarPot with Lid Open(with Honey)   Spoon 3)WoodTray   SugarPot   Coaster(Mushroom)   Coaster(Leaf)   Coaster(Acorn)   Teacup x2   SpoonRest x2   Spoon x2 4)Coaster(Leaf)   Teacup(with Tea)   SpoonRest   Spoon 5)Coaster(Mushroom)   Teacup(with Tea)   SpoonRest   Spoon 6)Coaster(Acorn)   Teacup(with Tea)   SpoonRest   Spoon 7)WoodChair x3   WoodTable ●Prefab 2 "TeaTraySet " 1)Teapot 2)SugarPot 3)Teacup x2 4)Coaster(Mushroom) 5)Coaster(Leaf) 6)Coaster(Acorn) 7)SpoonRest x2 8)Spoon x2 9)WoodTray ●Prefab 3 "TeaCupSet " 1)Teacup(with Tea) 2)Coaster(Leaf) ●Model Only 1)Teapot(No Lid) 2)Teapot(with Tea , No Lid) 3)Teapot Lid 4)SugarPot(with Honey) 5)SugarPot with Lid Open 6)SugarPot(No Lid) 7)SugarPot(with Tea , No Lid) 8)SugarPot Lid ▼FILES ・unitypackage ・fbx(Models) ・png(Texture) ・txt(read me) ▼TERMS OF USE By downloading this data, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms of use. Please note that the contents of these Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice. If you continue to use the data after any changes are made to these Terms of Use, you will be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms of Use. The copyright of this model and texture belongs to this circle (ProjectRay). Basically, you can use it freely. Both personal and corporate commercial use are allowed. You can modify the model under your own responsibility. It is prohibited to sell or distribute this data as-is on the Virtual Market β or other sites. ▼DISCLAIMER We are not responsible for any problems or damages caused by the use of this data.

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