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    Ornaments(Avatar gimmicks)
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    Published from : 2022/08/28 20:15:28

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    OtherPlayerFright Producer: S-Thurk This model is Gimick. This is a model for an avatar for VRChat. This can be modified, and can be used for games and distribution. You can use it. ・Contents magic-book.fbx SitBook.unitypakage book_base_color.png readme.txt

    Terms of Use

    ·Terms of service Modification: Yes Commercial use: Yes For Adults, Sexual Expressions Use: Yes For Adults, Violence Expressions Use: No Redistribution, sales including this data: No Use for avatar or world: Yes Use for pedestal: No Political or religious use: No We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by using this model data. NFT conversion is prohibited. Permission is granted to create and sell secondary products such as clothes and accessories. 2022/08/28 Start of sales and update of terms and conditions Any changes to the terms of use will be added to the product description on BOOTH. Each user should check for updates. (The terms of use at the time of purchase will apply for one month from the date of purchase.)