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    Published from : 2020/03/26 22:12:48

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    Sengai heavy industry『Sengaidoshi』 project ES series avatar. Created by Diplomat Yuki 【Specification】 Humanoid Correspondence DynamicBone Configured Hand sign audio gimmick arktoonshader, EmoteswitchV3 【File contents】 ・sengaidoshi.unitypackage ・sengaidoshi.fbx ・spire.fbx ・nirinjuso.fbx ・Audio folder ・Texture folder Texture data.(.png) 「matcapmask」→Emission and matcap mask 「rimmask」→Rimlight mask 「refrectionmask」→Refrection mask 「uv」→UVlayout ・Texture editor folder Texture data for editing.( .psd) ・readme.txt ・readme_EN.txt ・おまけ(Bonus) Wallpapers and Unknown data. [Introduction method] 1. Create a new project in Unity 2. Import VRC SDK and Dynamic Bone in advance. 3.Import the bundled arktoon shader and unity package of Emote Switch V3. (If you already have the same one, that's fine.) 4. Import sengaidoshi.unitypackage. 5. Open the scene file in the sengaidoshi folder. 6. Upload your avatar from the VRCSDK Control Panel. 【Contact Us】 Please give us a direct message on Twitter. @YozakifromYHS

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of service】 -The copyright is owned by the creator diplomat Yuki. -You can freely modify it. Parts can be reused within the personal use range. Redistribution and sale of avatars including parts and data is prohibited. -Individuals can use it for profit or not. Corporations need permission from the creator. -Use in nuisance and antisocial activities is prohibited. -Since this avatar has a gimmick that uses audio, please use it based on morals when activating the gimmick. -Uploads available to non-buyers are prohibited. (Public avatar, pedestal installation, uploading data to the bulletin board, etc.) -The author is not responsible for any trouble or loss caused by using this data or the modified one. -If we confirm an act that violates the Terms of Service, we will take legal measures such as claiming damages. -We can update the contents of this agreement.