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    Diplomat Yuki GIGANTIC HEAVY LIVE in seika20

    Published from : 2020/08/30 15:03:57

    Product Details

    Diplomat Yuki Live act 「GIGANTIC HEAVY LIVE in seika20」 Large-scale virtual music festival "Seika20" held from July 31st to August 2nd 8/1 It is a sound source that recorded live acts when they appeared in this event. It has a lively finish. Please enjoy. 【Setlist】 1.Verity live ver(from ES Plan Item 1 guidance) 2.Matter33 -MC- 3.ten live ver(from The record of waste layer remaining at the Bureau) label : Sengai Heavy sound from project ES 【Recording data】 Music(.wav) 1.GIGANTIC HEAVY LIVE in seika20 Cover image(.png) readme(.txt) readme_EN(.txt)

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    【Terms of service】 -The copyright is owned by the creator diplomat Yuki. -This work is for ornamental use only. Use license is not included in the product. Unauthorized use or distribution is prohibited. Nor does it admit to falsify the author. -Please contact the author directly if you want to use or tie up your creation. If the contents are compatible with each other's purpose, we will issue the usage permission individually. -If we confirm an act that violates the Terms of Service, we will take legal measures such as claiming damages. -We can update the contents of this agreement.