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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2022/08/09 09:42:11

    Product Details

    An inconspicuous underground smoke vent, don't sit on the top of it. Use this underground smoke vent on your avatar or your world. Visit the Underground Smoke Vent Fanclub! (Available in metaverses near you!) https://cluster.mu/en/w/c673aa22-50aa-4e0c-a55f-492a45fe3944 (cluster) https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/55ab0d5b-d981-4e97-a947-98769ee15fa2 (STYLY) https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_f989d91a-b947-4b04-aabb-5f3295a11fe5 (VRChat)

    Terms of Use

    Under this agreement, “the Product” means “Underground Smoke Vent”, “the User” is a natural person procured the Product (or if within the organization, employee of the organization that purchased the Product, including the case where the User obtained the Product free of charge, “the Author” is Hideki Saito or his designated agent. “A Written Agreement” for the purpose of agreement includes agreement in such signed by the Author’s OpenPGP key and properly validated. 1.Acceptance of this license agreement by the User is assumed upon commencing use and modification of the Product. 2.The Product is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 3.The Author and its affiliate provide no warranty for the use of this Product and/or derivative of this Product for any consequences of using the Product. 4.The User may modify node settings, scripts, texture, and model data of the Product. 5.This license provides perpetual license to the User. The Author retains copyright of the Product and its derivatives. 6.The User may not resell or transfer the Product without written approval from the Author. 7.The Author may provide future update to adopt to newer versions of application, including Blender, to the extent it is possible, however under no obligation to provide such updates. Furthermore, compatibility to the older version of applications is not guaranteed with such update. 8.The User may not enable third party to use the Product to enable their use of the Product. However, while using this Product as a group or within an organization, the User may exchange data containing the Product provided all the participants have purchased the Product. 9.The User may use the Product in a commercial or non-commercial, video presentations, a VRSNS world, and artworks for publishing. The grants shall be considered void if such work contains distribution of the Product in such a way that enables third parties to reuse this Product. 10.The following use is prohibited: a.Any use in the content that defames the Author and/or his affiliates. b.Any use that specifies or implies endorsement, support, recommendation from Hideki Saito and/or his affiliates without written approval from the Author. c.Use in conjunction with libel or slender to any person or group. d.Use in conjunction with any unlawful activities. 11.Association of the Product o non-fungible token (NFT) is prohibited. 12.This agreement can be amended upon the provision of a written agreement by the Author if the User wishes to use the Product in a way deviating from this agreement. 13.Displaying credit for the of the Product is not mandatory, however if that’s reasonable, please use the following template.「地下排煙口 by Hideki Saito」(In Japanese)「Underground Smoke Vent by Hideki Saito」(In English)