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    【VRChat】GEODESIC LAMP【Interior】

    Published from : 2022/07/28 01:56:09

    Product Details

    ◇ Overview ◇ This is an interior lighting for VRChat. This is a FBX file of two types of lights, stand light and desk light, and a unitypackage file with material and emission settings included. ◇ Requirements ◇ This product runs on Unity2019.4.31f1. ◇ File Structure ◇ [readme.txt] [GeodesicLamp.unitypackage] [FBX] ∟[GeodesicStandLamp.fbx]  [GeodesicDeskLamp.fbx] ◇ Installation ◇ After starting Unity, import the unitypackage.

    Terms of Use

    ◇ Terms of Use ◇ The materials may be used for personal and commercial purposes. There are no restrictions on modification or processing of the materials. You can use this material for uploading to the VRChat world and for game production using Unity. No license application or credit is required when using or modifying this material. Copyright of this material belongs to BSR. ◇ Prohibited items ◇ Redistribution, transfer, and sharing of this material by itself or without modification (Uploading to VRChat, redistribution and sale of products created using this material are permitted). Redistribution, transfer, and sharing of only the texture materials included with this material. Use of this material for any purpose that is offensive to public order and morals, or for the purpose of slandering or defaming others. ◇ Disclaimer ◇ The producer is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product. ---------- ◇ Contact ◇ Booth : https://bluesouth.booth.pm/