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    Deep Erosion

    Sales start date : 2022/05/26 20:16:08

    Product Details

    The 4th album from SoundstorM. This album is more digital than ever before, and is composed of songs that incorporate elements of drum'n'bass. A new approach to the project's concept of "heavy, intense, and beautiful" is here! - Track List - 1:Seriously Influence 2:Eroding Fear(feat.Solaria) 3:Into the Abyss 4:Welcome to the Side-D 5:Fearmonger 6:Pathos(Deep Erosion Remix) 7:Twilight(feat.Solaria)

    Terms of Use

    It is forbidden to use this music data (1) for rental business, (2) to reproduce it for purposes other than personal use, or (3) to make the sound recorded on this CD available for transmission through networks, etc., without the consent of the right holder as permitted by copyright law.