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    Sales start date : 2021/11/30 13:56:28

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    ◆This is Mulicia, a canine girl. She looks cool, but is surprisingly expressive. Her favorite food is probably French fries:) This is a VRChat avatar, but VRM data is also included, so you can use her as an avatar for other platforms as well. Please be sure to read the product description and terms of use before purchasing. This avatar is made with Maya2020. Please use the hashtag ""#もにゅめんつ_vrc"" when you post your photos on Twitter. ""When you post your photos on Twitter, please tweet them with the hashtag The author will be very happy if you tweet about it. Created by Mony(もにー)(@monymony_vrc) ◆For VRChat  This model has already been configured for Avatar 3.0.  Material  This model uses ""Unity-chan Toon Shader"".  The shader is not included in this model, so please install it beforehand. DynamicBone  This has already been set up in the included Unitypackage. Please install DynamicBone beforehand.  A prefab without DynamicBone is also included. Blendshapes  Lipsync: 15 types  Body (Face): 130+ shapes  Body_all: 5 types  Hair: 4 types  Innner: 2 types  outer: 1 type  Underwear: 2 types are already set. VRM  Already set. [Mulicia_SDK3.0.unitypackage] shaders: UTS2 polygons: max 59,555 Materials: 5 VRChat Avatar Rank: Very Poor (In the case of NoDynamicBone: Poor)

    Terms of Use

    ◆We have adopted the VN3 license (https://www.vn3.org/). The full text of the agreement can be found on the following page English↓↓ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iHDHCH8rZWHmNOoFu2rF-9hyx3i7ljgO/view?usp=sharing *** Summary *** The following applies to the model or attached parts. Permissions General use as an avatar in platforms such as VRChat Use of the model as a 3D model material for video production, game production, etc. Sharing of this model data among users (purchasers of Murisia). Production and sale of costumes based on this model. Prohibited matters Redistribution and resale of the model Offending public order and morals. You are to imitate this model. To pretend to be the author. The use of the model in its original form when acting as a Vtuber. If you are using the work as a Vtuber, please include a credit in the summary column. Please contact the DM of our Twitter account (@monymony_vrc) if you have any questions. Production cooperation & sales by: Creek and River Inc. and COYOTE 3DCG STUDIO https://www.cri.co.jp/ Regular price: ¥6,000 (tax included)