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    Fruit Camera Set ver1.0

    Published from : 2021/07/25 17:44:36

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    This is a 3D model of a fruit-based camera. We have included textures and fbx files that can be used in other software. It's fun to use it in vrchat etc. using roji's virtuallens etc. [tools you need] ·Unity-chan Toon Shader https://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0 ·Glass shader ver.2.0 for glasses https://booth.pm/ja/items/1035152 [include contents] ·Lime camera ·Belly Camera ·Orange camera ·Peach camera The above four textures + pre-set materials. These are prefabricated files that have been set up. [install] 1. Prepare an empty unity project or an in-use unity project. 2. Import uts2. https://unity-chan.com/download/releaseNote.php?id=UTS2_0 3. Unzip the downloaded file and import "fruitcamera.unitypackage" into the project. ※The glass shader for glasses provided by the Oyasumi san is included in the package for cc0 license.Thank you Oyasumi san! 4. When the import is complete, d&d the prefab file into a Hierarchy from the fruitcamera folder.

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    Terms and Conditions 1. When using the fruit camera set (hereinafter referred to as this model), you agree to this Terms of Use. 2. The copyright of this model belongs to GYPSY01 (hereinafter referred to as the manufacturer). 3. Whether for commercial or non-commercial use, activities shall not be restricted as long as they are in accordance with these Terms of Use. 4. There is no restriction on the modification of this model.For personal use, allow some of this model to be diverted to other models. 5. Redistribution and sale of data containing all or part of this model, whether modified or not, is strictly prohibited. 6. Use of this model is prohibited for the purpose of slandering specific individuals and organizations, violating public order and social behavior. 7. The manufacturer is not responsible for any trouble, loss or damage caused by using this model. 8. These Terms of Use are subject to change or revision without notice.Buyer agrees to the changed Terms of Use without objection. Terms and Conditions Date: June 1, 2020 Copyright (c) GYPSY01